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 Oriental rug cleaning Portland OrOriental rugs are beautiful and in many cases these rugs are handed down from generation to generation.

The way you have these rugs cleaned is very important because oriental rug cleaning is not the same as cleaning wall to wall residential carpet.

If you have oriental rugs that need to be cleaned in Portland, Or. please give us a call at Linton’s Oriental Rug Cleaning Portland, Or.. 

How should your oriental rugs be cleaned? Well, that depends on the type of rug. One thing we can tell you is that they should not be cleaned in your home in your garage or on your wood floors like many other carpet cleaners do it.

Why? Because oriental rug cleaning is much more detailed than cleaning wall to wall residential or commercial carpets. 

Oriental rug cleaning offers a number of challenges that wall to wall synthetic carpets do not offer. Let’s take a look at some of the common oriental rug cleaning problems you can run into.

Common problems associated with oriental rug cleaning Portland, Or. 

Color Bleeding: This might be the problem most associated with the cleaning of oriental rugs. Many area rugs have dyes that are much more prone to color bleeding during the cleaning process, which includes drying time. Bleeding is when there is migration of colors in the wet state. This is a serious problem and can be very difficult to deal with.

Shinkage: When area/oriental rugs shrink this is huge issue and can rarely be fixed. Oriental rugs are made with natural fabrics which can shrink during the drying process. There have to be certain precautions taken to make sure these area rugs do not shrink. The best place to clean these rugs is off site at a rug cleaning plant. At Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we have the knowledge and tools to prevent carpets from shrinking.

Fiber Distortion: As we mentioned before, oriental rugs are made of natural fabrics and these can be much more prone to fiber distortion than synthetic carpets. Care, and the right cleaning procedures, have to be taken to ensure that the fibers are not distorted. Once these fibers have become distorted there is no getting them back to their original shape.

Fringe Cleaning: Sometimes the fringe on oriental rugs can be heavily soiled. It is much easier to PROPERLY clean fringe offsite than onsite because most fringe cleaning and detailing is done after the main cleaning of the rug. Cleaners are not going to wait at your home for the carpet to dry and then do the fringe work. So if you have your oriental rugs cleaned at your home the fringe probably is not going to receive the care that is needed.

Area Oriental Rug Cleaning Portland Or The above four issues are the four most commons problems that can occur during the cleaning process, but there is another issue related to oriental rug cleaning that you should know of.

If you have your area rugs cleaned onsite there is almost no way that maximum soil removal is achieved. Regular vacuuming of your carpets is not going to get out very much dry soil and just using a wand to clean your oriental rugs is not going to get out much soil either.  

So what do you do? Well you have Linton’s Carpet Cleaning clean your oriental rugs. We use a system called the Rug Badger that will amaze you with the amount of dry soil that it removes from your carpet. We can give you a demo of how this amazing machine works.

There is NO amount of vacuuming that is going to get the amount of soil out of your carpet that five minutes with the Rug Badger is going to get out.

Dry soil removal is really important when cleaning oriental rugs. The Rug Badger does a fantastic job of removing this soil and at Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we are proud to use it as one of our area rug cleaning tools.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Portland Or – How much does it cost?

There is really no way to accurately quote a oriental rug cleaning  job without actually seeing the rugs to be cleaned. At Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we will be happy to give you a FREE onsite quote on any oriental rug cleaning Portland Or that you need done.

Treat those oriental rugs the right way! Hire a company that has the knowledge, experience, and proper tools to PROPERLY clean your oriental rugs.

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